What is The Paleo Diet

My husband always says “Google is your friend”, I agree, to a certain extent. If you Google “The Paleo Diet” you will get pages and pages of different web sites full of information. It can be very overwhelming. Too overwhelming in fact.
I like to keep things as simple as possible, so here is my take on The Paleo Diet:

Nuts and seeds
Healthy fats (avocado/olive oil/coconut oil/ghee)
Grass fed beef
Organic chicken

Legumes (including peanuts)
Vegetable oil
Potatoes (white)
Refined sugar/added sugar
Processed foods

It seems pretty simple and it can be, as long as you don’t over think it.
A choice for breakfast is eggs and avocado, lunch could be a salad with any meat and vegetables you want with olive oil for your dressing. Dinner could be a baked sweet potato with a plain hamburger or baked salmon.
Those are very basic meal ideas but it’s a starting point and I think you get the idea.


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