A Brand New Year

Today is the first day of 2015. Seems a bit crazy if you ask me. I am not necessarily old, although some days I FEEL old, but I am not exactly young either. Growing up in the late 80’s, never in a million years did I imagine I would be writing the year 2015 on anything. But, here we are.

With every new year comes the resolutions, the promises we make to ourselves with the hope to better ourselves in some way.

I don’t really believe in resolutions, I believe in goals and dreams. Everyone has them, everyone. The question is how bad do you want to achieve them??

A lot people resolve to loose weight or get in shape, but in all honesty it’s a load of crap. And you know I am right. We all know the person (maybe you) who says they are going on a diet and going to exercise more. They do it for a few weeks and then just stop. And the rest of the year continues unchanged from the previous year and they say the same thing on January 1 of the following year. Its a pattern, a very familiar pattern.

To me it’s a matter of how badly do you want something. And that’s true for most anything in life. If you want something badly enough you will figure out a way to get it.

It was spring time when I decided to change my life and take my health back. I started at the bottom with learning and gaining knowledge about healthy eating and exercising. As I accomplished my goal, one small step at a time, I gained confidence. When you are confident in your ability to do something, you will continue to do it. It makes you feel good.

My main goal was to be healthy and I was told that I needed to change my lifestyle in order to reach that goal. Once I had that mindset in my head, nothing was going to stop me. There are two key words here, lifestyle and mindset. In order to be healthy and loose weight you need to change your lifestyle and incorporate healthy behaviors. If you aren’t willing to change your lifestyle it just won’t work long term. Trust me, it just won’t.

It’s the same thing when making the decision to eat paleo. You have to be willing to change your lifestyle. Going out to eat will be slightly difficult at first. Once you are use to it, it’s no big deal. Once you have eaten paleo for a while, it becomes second nature. But you have to start at the bottom gaining knowledge and experience. With that comes the confidence. Then it becomes easy.

So, what are your goals and dreams?? What in your life do you want to be different at the end of 2015??
How do you plan on making these changes happen??


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