Setting a PR

Today I ran the Suwanee Gateway Inaugural Half Marathon.
I read the course description from the web site and it said it was fairly flat. Well…….. Let me tell you what, they LIED!!! The first 5 miles I was either going up a huge hill or going down a huge hill.
From mile 6 to mile 8 there few small inclines, nothing big at all. From mile 8 through 12 again it was either up a large hill or down a large hill.
Just once in my life I want a race course to say “this course is hilly as hell and will be tough”. Is that too much to ask????
Well……. Regardless of what the course description said, I PR’d by a lot!!
I beat my previous PR by 5 minutes. That’s huge!!!
Here is what today taught me, I can do anything!!!!!! And I mean anything. But it takes work and determination and dedication. You know what else I learned today?? You can do anything too. Seriously!!!! You can do it.
So no matter what it is, if you want “it” bad enough, find a way to make it happen. And yes, it really is that simple.


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