Lunch Idea

I have been seeing some recipes that use different kids of lettuce leafs as the bread or wraps. All the recipes look good, so last week I tried it. I did my normal prep and grilled chicken breast on Sunday, then I portioned it out into 3 ounce servings.

Here was my end result:


I added some cherry tomatoes to my plate for some color and because I love them.
All I put in the lettuce wraps was sliced avocado and chicken breast. Sprinkled a little salt and viola, a very tasty, healthy lunch.

I would recommend drying the leaf thoroughly (or as best you can). The lettuce provided a pleasant crunch and oddly enough I felt as though I was eating a wrap. Something I have missed since starting the whole Paleo thing.

So in the end I recommend lettuce wraps or using lettuce as bread, it’s healthy, tasty and satisfies some cravings I honestly didn’t know I had.


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