Cake??? Yes please……….but wait

Who doesn’t like cake?? These days it seems to be everywhere in my office.
We had 2 birthdays this week and that means cakes and cupcakes.
At first I am always like “cake!!!!, hell yes I want cake”, but then I take a minute to really think about it.
My first question to myself is “are the calories worth it??” Finding out the answer takes thought.
In my experience (and trust me, I have a lot) I have found that if the dessert is home made, it’s worth it. If it’s from a grocery store bakery, not so much.
Also, the items from specialty bakers are generally worth it too. It just depends.
In the end it is all about what you decide. And if you decide to eat the cake, eat it slowly. Enjoy every dang bite. And don’t ever beat yourself up about it. Don’t ever feel guilty about it, own your decision and move on.

PS- the not feeling guilty part is so incredibly hard!!!!! But I needs to be done. We are not defined by the food we eat.


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