Giving Blood and Working Out

Last weekend on my long run I was struggling. I was slower than usual, my legs felt like bricks, my breathing was off and in general it was a struggle.
In fact a good bit of the previous weeks work outs had been tough.

It was out of the ordinary for me and I was frustrated.

I gave blood that Monday and I knew that was my problem on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But why was I struggling Saturday??

My only answer was the blood donation. I normally give on Thursday and Friday is my day off from working out and my run Saturday is always slower, but this run was more difficult than the norm after giving blood.

But it’s the only logical explanation. I guess for my body the fact that I didn’t rest the day after my donation meant a longer “blood donation recovery”.

So in the end I will only give blood on Thursdays. Sounds crazy, but I love my good long runs. Everything is right with world when it’s over. And I don’t want to give that up.

So my answer is to make everyone happy. The Red Cross is happy because they get my blood and I’m happy because I can get my long run, albeit slower than normal. But it’ll still be good.


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