Whole 30

Ever hear of Whole 30???
Yes, great!! Skip the next paragraph.
No, great, I’ll explain.

It’s a 30 day challenge where you eliminate dairy, sugar (fruit is ok), wheat, gluten, legumes (peanuts), alcohol and all additives. So basically you eat fruit, veggies, meat and good healthy fats. Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, eggs, plain nuts (no peanuts) and nut butters (no peanut butter). You have to read your food labels very carefully because a lot things that you think are compliant, are actually not.

I have done 2 of these in the past and tomorrow I start my third.
Why would anyone do this??
Well, in the past I did it to reset my body. To get rid of the processed foods and additives in my system and to realize how food really effects my body. I am doing another one because I need all these things again.

Ever since last Thanksgiving I have not been eating like I know I need to. Because of that I have gained 10 pounds. I really don’t want those 10 pounds. So I am doing this program to kick start my mission to loose them. I also feel sluggish, tired and like my head is cloudy.
This program will take all those things away.

I won’t lie, it’s freaking hard!! The first 2 weeks are tough. The toughest part for me is the no half and half in my coffee. I LOVE coffee. And I hate when something messes up my coffee. Coconut milk is a good substitute for half and half, but it’s jut not the same. So I’ll be missing my yummy coffee. But I can do it. I have some friends doing it with me, kinda like my own little posse. Together we can and we will get through it.


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