My Favorite Mug

It might seem silly to write about a mug. But as I was drinking my coffee this morning I just thought about how important it is to me.

Every time I use it, I am reminded of how strong and powerful I am. I remember what I have accomplished and what I am striving for this year.

I got it as a gift from my fabulous friend Becki after I finished my first Half Ironman triathlon. We were at the expo and I picked up a mug to buy it. Becki and my Mom (who was with us) told me to put the mug down. They said I didn’t need it and I shouldn’t buy it. I listened to them and put it back. After the race and we were back at the hotel, Becki gave me the mug filled with different snacks. Becki was excited to give it to me. Becki and Mom were my support crew and they were so happy and proud of me. So I guess the mug also reminds me of hearing them scream my name as I crossed that finished line.



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