Trader Joe’s Almond Butter

Ever have it???
It’s freaking AWESOME. I got the chunky kind. And it was a bad idea to buy it. Why?? Because I have eaten almost half the jar at one time. I grabbed a spoon and just kept digging in. Not my finest moment and not something I am proud of. But it’s done and I will not beat myself up about it.
So that got me thinking about why I did it, it’s obviously not my first time eating too much of one thing at one time. Binge eating is very easy for me and is completely fueled by some emotion. I am not hungry when I binge, but for the few minutes it takes to eat the food I am receiving satisfaction.
Today, I think it’s all about stress. Work has been very very stressful for me these last few months and I have to go to work tomorrow. So I think it’s anticipation for what tomorrow and the new week may bring.
So how does one stop this behavior??
Being conscience of your actions and asking yourself why you want to eat is the best place to start. I can usually talk myself off the ledge by telling myself that food will not help. I have also drank a ton of water, to the point where my stomach was stuffed in order to not binge. Not having the trigger foods in the house helps too. Any type of nut butter is a huge temptation and trigger for me. So I really should not have bought it, because I am smart enough to know what could potentially happen.
Tomorrow is a new day, today is over and cannot be changed.
Here’s to tomorrow and being conscience and aware of what we are doing.


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