Stress, It Sucks

We all have stressful times in our lives, and it seems like a bunch of stressful crap happens all at the same time. Why is that???? It just makes the stress more stressful. 

My body reacts to stress in a very annoying way. I can gain 5 pounds easily, just from stress. It is concentrated around my waist, so it’s all hormonal, but still. I can work out and then eat my normal foods with my normal portion sizes and the next day my pants are tight. It’s just not fair. NOT.FAIR!

I also want to eat everything chocolate. For some reason my brain thinks that chocolate will make the stress go away, even if it’s  just for the few minutes that it takes to eat the chocolate. The past 6 months I have really worked on not eating to help cope with stress. In reality its a mental game. I have to catch myself before I put the food in my mouth and ask myself a ton of questions. Is this chocolate really going to help me? Will eating this get me closer to my ultimate goal? Why do I want to eat this chocolate? Even after I answer all the questions it can still be a huge mental game where I just have to walk away from the chocolate. In the end, eating to cope with stress is never a good thing. However, it is one of my natural responses.

Working out is definitely a stress reliever, but my weight can still be up and my clothes still tight. What helps me the most is planning. I like to come up with a plan for the worst case scenario. If I have a plan, then I can implement that plan if the need arises. Of course the stress does not mitigate immediately after the plan is hatched, but it does help reduce the stress until the stressors are gone. 

I have also found that friends and family who are just supportive help me a ton.  What I need the most is support in times of high stress. I need to know that other people will “have my back”. 

Once I come out of the situation and the stress is gone, my weight goes back to normal and everything is fine. It’s just going through the rough times that sucks. When it’s all over I try to learn from what I just went through. I honestly believe that stressful times are meant to teach us something and it is up to us to learn and grow from the hard times. There is always something that can be learned.


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