My Whole 30 Is Over

I realized earlier today how long it’s been since I posted something. I have a bunch of topics in my head to post about. I figure the end of my Whole 30 is most appropriate right now. 

So, my 30 days of no sugar, no legumes (including peanuts), no alcohol, no dairy and no wheat/gluten has come to an end. In fact it ended three days ago. Re-introducing things into your food intake is hard. If I were to eat something with wheat in it I would most likely get a stomach ache. Dairy would probably make my slightly dizzy and sugar would probably make me shaky. I know this from experience. That’s what happened the other times I ended a Whole 30 and eat off plan things. 

Truth be told, I am nervous to eat certain things. Sugar is one. I wanted all things sugar beforer I started this last 30 day journey. And I fed my body all things sugar. I was out of control. I am also nervous to eat wheat and gluten. My body does not like them, but my taste buds do. It’s a battle sometimes to stay away from them. The longer I don’t  eat these things, the easier it is to continue to stay away from them. The only dairy I plan on consuming is some half and half in my coffee and that will be when we are out. I’m going to use coconut milk while at home. 

I am going to continue this way of eating until we leave for vacation in a few weeks. I might have a few things off plan, but it’s not my goal. I’m hoping that while we are away it will help me to not go “food crazy”. Normally on vacation I eat desserts and French fries and other foods that I normally dont eat. So I am taking a different approach this time. I really hope it works. 

A lot of people ask my why I do these Whole 30 ‘s and what they do for me:

  • It cleanses my body and gets all the processed foods out
  • It proves to me that my mind is a powerful thing
  • I rediscover some foods and always find new ones to try in different ways

Here is what I learn from them:

  • My body loves good clean fat, the kinds found in plain nuts, avocados, olive oil, ghee, coconut oil.
  • It is possible to only fuel my body with good healthy fats
  • My body feels amazing when all the crap is out
  • I sleep so much better when doing 
  • My mind is clearer and I can think so much better 
  • My body does not like heavy carbs like crackers and bread, although my taste buds do
  • The more I stay away from wheat and gluten, the easier it is to stay away
  • Food Manufactores put CRAP in everything. Sugar is everywhere and so are ingredients you cannot pronounce. I generally don’t want something in my body that I can’t pronounce. 

My goal is to stick to this way of eating as best I can for as long as I can. It just makes my body feel good. 

Should you try it??? I recommend learning in about and reading the book called It Starts With Food. The author of the book is the one who created this Whole 30 program. Go here to learn more about the program. I encourage everyone to learn about it and then decide if it is right for you. Only you know what is best for you. 

I can say with certainty that it is right for me. The benefits are amazing and my body just feels good. 


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