How’s Your Scale??

Mine usually sucks, unless I like the number it displays when I step on it. Then I love it. The scale has a great way of holding me accountable. If I eat right it shows me, if I eat wrong it shows me and if I eat mediocre it shows me. 

The fact that I hate the scale when it show me a number I do not like is really a reflection of how I feel about myself and my recent food intake. I’m not actually pissed at the scale. I’m pissed at myself. I made the wrong decisions and the scale is the proof. 

When I am happy with the number on the scale it is a reflection of how hard I worked at eating healthy foods and not over eating. It’s proof that when I do what I’m supposed to do, I see the number I want and I am proud of myself. Again, it’s the reflection of what I have chosen to eat and the quantity of what I have chosen to eat. 

Most people hate the scale and it’s all because it’s a reflection of our choices. Nothing more, nothing less.  

I am trying to change this with my daughter. I don’t want her to hate the scale or the number it displays. When she gets on the scale I always say “look how big and strong you are”. She knows the scale will show her how strong she is. I am really hoping that she has a much more positive relationship with the scale. Here’s hoping. 


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