Tacos??? Yes Please

Mexican food has to be my favorite. I just love all the spices and flavors. But good Ribs are just fantastic. So it’s a toss up. And now I want ribs, lol!!

Anyway……….. taco night is a staple in my house. At least once a week we have tacos. Here’s my ingredient list:

1/2 onion, diced or in strips

1 green bell pepper, diced or in strips

1 jalepeno diced, keep the seeds if you want it hotter (we love spicy foods, if you don’t, omit this)

1/2 pound chicken breast cubed/thinly sliced steak/ground beef/ground turkey, just pick a meat😉

1 cup of chicken broth or beef broth, depending on the meat you use

1-2 tablespoons of taco seasoning (I make my own http://www.thepaleomom.com/2012/03/recipe-paleo-tacos.html this link is for the whole meal. I just make the seasoning) 

I put all ingredients in my small crockpot and let it cook all day. 

I steam cabbage leaves and use them as my taco shells, works awesome. 

I top mine with avocado or guacamole. YUMMY!!

My hubby uses regular taco shells, cheese and all the “normal” toppings. The amount of taco filling is just right for the two of us. I would double it for more people. 

Happy taco eating. 


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