Hunger…..It Sucks!

If you are anything like me, you are hungry all the damn time. I can eat a very healthy meal full of veggies and fiber and be hungry an hour later. It’s very frustrating and annoying. 

If I am not careful it can lead to binging on chocolate and other unhealthy foods that obviously will not help take off these extra 15 pounds I am caring around. Most of the time I just deal with being hungry and it doesn’t bother me. Lately though something is different. The constant hunger has been extra frustrating for some reason. I have been focusing more on strength training (for a whole bunch of reasons, perfect topic for another post huh😉) and so my muscles are working differently. I can feel the results on the inside, but I am not seeing any results on the outside. Talk about doubling the frustration. 

I have started to read the book “Racing Weight” by Matt Fitzgerlad and wow has it been eye opening. From what I have read so far one of the main points is that endurance athletes (still strange to call myself an athlete, let alone an endurance athlete) need more protein. Our bodies work differently than the non endurance athlete and so we need to eat differently, not only to loose weight, but to maintain our current weight. So, I am going to try eating more protein. The most common way to do this for althetes is to have protein shakes with protein powders. The problem with those, in my opinion, is that they are full of fake ingredients. Which does not go well with eating Paleo.

So I am researching paleo friendly protein powders. Until I find one I will use Vega which is plant based and has greens in it, here’s a link: My hope is that the extra protein keeps me fuller longer and in the end I eat less. That’s the only way this extra weight will come off. Wish me luck, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. 


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