The People We Meet

Today is Mothers Day, yesterday I ran the Super Mom 10K in a neighboring town. It was a small race and I ran as hard as I could. I ended up being first place in my age group and PR’ing by 3 whole minutes. THREE whole minutes. WHAT???? That is crazy and yet I did it. I am so super proud of myself and my daughter is super proud too. 

Throughout the whole race I was chasing the woman in front of me. I did not necessarily want to catch up to her, I just didn’t want to loose sight of her. At the end of the race I went to talk to her. She congratulated me on a strong race and I congratulated her as well. She started telling me about her life and how she she struggled to get where she is now. Her mother died at 35 years of age from a drug overdose. She was starting to go down that path herself, she was anorexic, addicted to drugs and was honestly on her way to an early grave. She also smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day. After a horrible accident where her left ankle was shattered, she was not sure she would walk again, let alone run. Well she is a fast, strong runner. She said you just never know what life will hand you. She did a complete 180 with her life and is happier and stronger than she has ever been. 

So many things amaze me about this woman. She was so happy just to be able to walk, let alone run (and run fast). She was thankful for her health and for her decision to get healthy and stay healthy. She just had the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever met. She was also willing to share her story with anyone. She has overcome a lot and she can inspire a lot of people. She is truly an amazing woman and I will think of her when I am struggling with anything in life. She was a ray of sunshine and I am very thankful I met her. 


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