We all have them, everyday all day.  It’s the choices we make that determine our lives. 

I choose to eat paleo 90% of the time, I choose to work out and train hard, I choose to do triathlons and races.  I choose to watch my weight and care about my health.  I love the results that I have gotten and that is why I continue to make these choices. I feel great, I have a lot of self confidence and I am being a great example for my daughter (among many other positive results).

With all that said, I have a tendency to make choices that I am not proud of. It doesn’t happen often, but I’m human, so it happens. I LOVE chocolate, peanut butter (all nuts and nuts butters really) and put the two together in any combination and I am in heaven.  I also have a tough choice to make because I have a hard time saying no to eating it. And I don’t just take a small bite or eat a small portion. I have a tendency to go overboard with it. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I have eaten at one time.

The other day was different though.  I was having a huge chocolate craving (tends to happen once a month or so 😉), I got $0.75 out of my wallet, walked into the kitchen at work and bought Peanut M&M’s from the vending machine. I walked back to my desk and stared at that bag. I debated back in forth in my head, eat them, don’t eat them, eat them, don’t eat them.  I knew once I opened the bag I would eat every single one. I also knew it was 250 calories and not one was truely healthy. I kept asking myself “how will eating this help me get closer to my goal?” The only answer was, “it won’t”. I also asked myself “is this a good way to spend 250 calories?”. The answer was no. So did I eat them??

The answer is no, I did not. I put the bag in a drawer and closed it.  My sister in law is the one who introduced the concept of spending your calories. She did Weight Watchers and that was one of the things she learned. I have a calorie range that I try very hard to stay in daily. If I am given the opportunity to eat something not healthy I have begun asking myself if it’s worth spending the calories on. Yesterday the answer was no. It was no because Peanut M&M’s are something I can get any day at any time. They are really nothing special. In the end I would much rather spend those 250 calories on something else. What, not sure yet. But when the opportunity of eating another unhealthy food comes my way I will be happy about yesterday’s choice.  My plan is to take one unhealthy food option at a time. I will ask myself the same questions I asked yesterday. The answers will determine my choice to eat it or not. I challenge you to try it, the questions tend to answer themselves, what choice will you make?


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