Ankle Update

Last week’s ortho appointment went ok. He took an X-ray and it did not show a stress fracture, that doesn’t really mean it’s not one. Stress fractures are funny things, they don’t always show up and one in the ankle is rare. They usually occur in the foot or in the tibia, right above the ankle.  Dr. Nichols said that doesn’t mean it is not a stress fracture and he is not sure what the problem is. He said I have presented a strange case. His orders were to ice it, not run, bike only if it does not hurt and rest it for 2 weeks, then come back. He said I could swim and I knew I could do upper body strength work and ab work. 

My plan was to ride my bike on the trainer the next morning and test out the bike. Then do upper body and abs. I was so optimistic that I could still ride my bike. So I got all set up that evening and went to bed, ready to ride in the morning. 

As soon as I got on the bike and started pedaling, my ankle started hurting. I tried to convince myself that I did not feel the pain, I tried for 40 mins and failed. It still hurt and it hurt worse than ever before. I got off the bike, proceeded to do my strength work on my knees. I did not want any added pressure on my joint. Stupid ankle hurt the whole time. Workout lasted an hour and I knew I was in for a painful day. 

I iced my ankle on and off all day and it took a long time for it to feel better. I spoke to a nurse at the Drs office and she said no biking and to try swimming. I knew she was going to say that. So, I planned a swim. I needed a workout to look forward to. I contacted a friend who lives on the lake and we made plans for Saturday afternoon (this was Thursday). Friday I did ab work and my ankle did not hurt. 

Saturday afternoon I got all ready and made my way to friends house. I had a good swim in the lake, swam 1 mile and I felt great, until I put pressure on my ankle and stood up out of the water. My ankle was tender, not sore, just tender. After a few hours it was fine and the next day I did not work out and my ankle was fine. 

Monday I decided to do upper body and abs. I did one move standing, the rest was done in my knees and sitting. I also did abs, total work out was an hour and it felt good. As soon as I was done, my ankle started hurting. It was also swollen above the ankle bone. That was new, and that indicates ligament issues. WTH????? Disappointment doesn’t even begin to explain how I felt. I started to think something else was going on. I spoke to Dr. Nichols and he said to limit my activity to just upper body strength work while sitting in a chair and ab work done on the floor. Nothing that puts pressure on my legs at all. He also said he wanted to see me this week to take another X-ray and to talk about an MRI. So I’m going in Wednesday morning. 

I also spoke to a saw my chiropractor. He seems to think it is a stressed ligament, but he is not sure. He adjusted my foot and ankle, tested my muscle strength and that is good. He said with rest I should be fine. He also suggested a supplement that helps repair ligaments, so I started that. It can’t hurt. 

So, not only is the pain in a different spot than it was last week. I am afraid I have a totally different injury than I originally thought. I’ll see what Dr. Nichols says and go from there. In the mean time I will try not to go completely insane and maybe even enjoy the rest time. MAYBE……………………


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