Not What I Thought At All

Here is the quick update from my Drs appt yesterday:

1) X-ray has not changed, good news and bad news

2) The pain has been moving around to different places. Staying in the same general area, but moving. 

3) He does not think there is any damage to my tendons, ligaments or bones (good news)

4) The thinking is I have a nerve issue, Sural Neuritis, is the temporary diagnosis

During the exam the Dr mentioned a nerve issue and he said he was going to try to find the nerve that runs down the calf muscle. He said let me know if any of the places I press on hurt. Well, he found the nerve and the pain went down my leg. That indicates nerve pain. Also, the last few days when I was in bed I only had a sheet over me (it is ridiculously hot here). As soon as I put the sheet over my ankle it hurt more and it was a more intense pain. That also indicates a nerve issue. The fact that the pain is intermittent and it moves from place to place also indicates a nerve issue. 

So, the plan is to do physical therapy 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks and the go back to the dr. The physical therapist will massage my leg with the goal to release the fascia in my leg. The hope is that it will release the nerve and the pain will go away. If I am better then great, therapy will continue until it’s no longer needed and I am pain free.  If not then we get an MRI, just to make sure there are no tendon or ligament issues. The therapist will also be looking for tendon or ligament issue and he will let the dr know his thoughts. If the therapist thinks it’s tendon or ligament issue, dr will order an MRI now. If the MRI shows no damage, they will do another test, the name escapes me, but it will be to diagnose Sural Neuritis. Basically they will put electronic pads on my leg, then put in needles that closly resemble acupuncture needles and then they will shock the area. Sounds fun right?? Dr said it is not too bad, he had one. But still, doesn’t sound like a good time. Dr said this is the only test to officially diagnose a nerve problem. He also said I could work out as long as it did not cause debilitating pain and discomfort. I have a huge concern with that. What if it is a ligament or tendon issue, the only way to diagnose that is through an MRI. If I run or bike an it is a tendon or ligament, the problem will only get worse. So…. what’s a gal to do??? 

My plan is to see the physical therapist first and get his opinion. If he says he does not think it is tendon or ligament I will start by riding my bike, that is the least impactful of the two.  Then I will go from there. Good thing my first therapy appointment is today at 4. My brain and body need a good sweat and seeing him is the first step to me potentially getting to do that. 


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