I had my first Physical Therapy session and I was told some good things. For example, “your calf muscles are very tight” and ” your hips are very tight too”. So, when you have super tight calf muscles, sometimes the muscle wraps around the nerve in your leg and tightens it. So the nerve starts sending pain signals to the brain even though nothing is really wrong. The plan is to massage my calf muscles and to use dry needling (almost like acupuncture, but different), heat therapy and intense stretching. I have some stretches to do at home to help the process along. 

The best news is that I am allowed to work out as long as nothing hurts. So, I am going to ride on the trainer in the morning and hope it does not hurt. I am going to ride easy and for a max of 45 mins. If that goes well, I will try running Saturday morning. Nothing huge, 4-6 miles. But it’s a start. It’s something I can work on and work from. Sunday is Father’s Day and I might not do anything but spend time with my family. I’ll just see how it all goes. I am just excited that I can work out again. I just need to be careful and stop if it hurts. I really hope it doesn’t hurt, the thought of riding my bike and sweating again is making me excited. 

#igettosweat, #beingoptimistic, #ridingslowandeasy, #ilovemybikeaton, #timetoride, #hopefulfornopain,#learntolovethefoamroller


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