Physical Therapy is Great ðŸ˜‰

I went to Physical Therapy (PT) a few days ago for the current problem with me left leg (more details are the previous 2-3 posts). Melissa, my therapist, said that she believes the problem is my calf muscle is so tight that it is wrapping around my Sural nerve and squeezing it. This is good news, it means my muscle need massage and other therapy to loosen the muscle fibers. Once that happens the pressure on the nerve will be released and no more pain. It also means that I do not have a nerve problem (in her opinion). That is the best news of all. 

Melissa massaged the calf muscle, then used dry needling, had me stretch on a stretch box and finally some heat and ultrasonic therapy. As soon as I was done I felt the muscle was looser and more relaxed. She also examined my right calf and said it is very tight too, so she will losen that one as well. And you might be think, dry needling, what the heck is that?? Well, they place needles like acupuncture needles in the area giving  you pain, and they stay there for ten minutes. The needles make the body send signals to the brain that there is an injury in that spot. The brain sends all the injury fighting and healing powers of your body to the affected area. It’s kinda cool and really does not hurt at all. 

I have stretches to do at home and have been doing them diligently. I am also allowed to run and bike as long as there is no pain. The day after my PT I rode on the trainer for almost an hour and had no pain. I foamed rolled a lot after and then did my PT stretches. Both calf muscles felt better. I also ran 6 miles yesterday and was pain free. YAHOO!!! Again after my run I foamed rolled and did my PT stretches. And again, both muscles felt better. I have also been pain free about 80% of the time since my first PT appointment. I am guessing Melissa is right, tight muscles is my problem. I could not be happier. 

Melissa wants to see me 2 times a week for as long as it takes to get this under control. I am going again tomorrow and honestly I am excited about it. She really has helped and I’m looking forward to the message she gives, it feels good. 


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