My Ankle, The Final Update

Physical Therpay has been going great, I have been able to work out as normal and I am back to feeling like normal. Turns out not only my calf muscles are tight, but some of my muscles are not working right, they are not strong enough and that is because of my posture. I have a tendency to slouch, that is not good. So, I have to work on my posture, work on strengthening the muscles that are weak and continue to do my at home stretches. I have at least 5 more physical therapy sessions and I am honestly looking forward to each and every one. I am also counting my lucking stars and thanking God that nothing is structurally wrong with me. Nothing is broken, nothing is torn, nothing is strained and there is no permanent nerve issue. That is all great news. My next race is an Olympic Distance Triathlon on August 8. I have not signed up yet, maybe I’ll do that later today. 


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