Finish The Distance Don’t Worry About The Time

“Finish the distance dont worry about the time” is the best advice on my training that I have received recently. I just finished a very hard, very tough 14 mile run. My longest since marathon training last winter. 

One of my oldest and dearest friends sent me a text somewhere around mile 7 and said that she had finished her 3.3 miler this am and her legs were stiff and knees sore from her 7 miler yesterday evening. I was very happy for her (she is coming back from a injury and has a half marathon at the end of October).  I replied with something like great job. Then I proceeded to tell her that I was 8 miles into my 14 miler and it was tough. I told her how humid it was and how heavy my legs felt. I also mentioned how slow I was going. Her reply was just what I needed to hear and simply perfect. “Finish the distance don’t worry about the time”. So that is exactly what I did. And it is exactly what I will do on Sunday September 27. I will finish the 70.3 miles of the Half Ironman in Augusta GA and I will finish them strong and happy. 


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