It’s Almost Time

Taper will start soon as my second Half Ironman approaches. My longest training ride and run are over!! What about the swim?? Well, there in lies a problem. I made a dumb decision this year, I choose to not swim much in training for this race. It was not a conscious choice, there were just other things that needed to get done. Swimming is the hardest for me to fit in. I have to do it right after work because that is really the only time I have to do it. All my rides and runs are first thing in the morning. It always seems like getting ready and planning to swim are the hardest for me. So week after week I just said “oh, I’ll do it next week” or “I’ll start swimming on this date”. Well, here we are only a few weeks from the race and I have not swam since my last race about a month ago. You’d think I would be freaking out, and I sort of am. But here’s why I am not, I know I can swim the distance and the current in the river is strong. Last year I really didn’t swim at all, I moved my arms, and kicked a little, but I really feel like the river carried me the whole way. But still, I did not prepare as I should have for the swim portion of this race. And that makes me nervous. Even if I did train I would still be nervous. It’s just the way I am.  

My lack of swim training is not the only reason I am nervous, there are many reasons. The biggest one is that I weigh at least 10 lbs more than I did this time last year. Weight can make a huge difference in training and racing. Ten pounds can be the difference between me beating my time from last year and not. It definitely makes all of your tri suits look worse than they already did. They do not hide or cover up anything. The logical question is how/why did I gain the weight? Well, it was not a conscious decision either. Life has been stressful, work has been very stressful and I am a stress eater. My training is at its peak and my metabolism is raging and I am hungry all the time. And I do mean all the time. It’s crazy the way our bodies work. My goal is to eat healthy foods and not overeat. I also need to stop eating after dinner. That is the hard part for me. Eating after dinner is when I do the most damage to myself. So I will be aware of what I am doing after dinner and I will be making the right decisions. I do not want to sabotage myself like I have done in the past. So I am going to eat healthy food, not step on the scale and hope for the best. 


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