What’s The Point

Today is Friday and I leave for Augusta Georgia this afternoon. My second Half Ironman is in 2 days. And what’s the point?? Why do I do this?? My brain has been in a million different places for the last two weeks. Everything from self doubt, to I can totally do this and every emotion and thought in between. It drive me crazy and I am sure my husband would say the same thing. So whats the point?? Why the hell do I  do these races and why the hell to I get up at 5 in the morning everyday to train?? What’s the point??

I have done of thinking about this lately and this morning it hit me, the finish line. The point of doing all of this is the finish line. Crossing the finish line is the biggest adrenaline rush and the biggest feeling of accomplishment. It’s not the medal, or the t-shirt, or the race pictures. It’s the feeling. The feeling of crossing the finish line and knowing what I just completed.  The months of training and getting up at 5, the early Saturday morning long runs and Sunday morning long ride, they all paid off. And the feeling of accomplishing a goal feels fantastic. It’s that feeling that keeps me coming back for more. My mom has said many times “don’t ever let anyone take away what you have accomplished and achieved.” And she is totally right, no matter what happens I know that I successfully completed a Half Ironman and hopefully on Sunday I’ll be able to say I completed two. 


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