The Struggle Is Real

I have a strong love-hate relationship with my body. There are many reasons to love it, yet my mind goes more towards the reasons to hate it. My PCOS is the main reason behind why I hate it. It just makes my efforts to be as healthy as I can be harder. I am struggling with my weight right now and mentally it’s super hard. Weight comes on so easily and quickly for me and it takes twice as long to take the weight off. It’s a struggle that is very frustrating and very HARD. 

This time last year I was roughly 25 pounds lighter than I currently am. I honestly have no idea how the weight gain happened, it certainly wasn’t a conscience effort. And I certainly wish it didn’t happen. The only choice I have now is to take the weight off, again. But the thought of doing that is daunting, especially with the holidays coming. So what’s a gal to do??? I really have no idea. I feel kinda lost and I don’t like it. 


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