Holiday Temptation Time

If your office is anything like mine there are all sorts of cookies, cakes, brownies and other assorted treats being delivered this time of year. It’s ridiculous really. My plan is to just keep saying “I am worth more”. My goals and dreams are worth more than putting all of those calories into my mouth. Sure it’ll taste good for a few seconds, but it won’t taste good when I’m standing on the scale looking at yet another number that I don’t want to see. 

My goal is to stay away from 90% of it. There will be a day where I give in and indulge. That one day is OK. I won’t go crazy and eat a million pieces, I’ll just have a few.  And at the end of the season that one day of a few pieces will not make a huge difference. 

This is by far the hardest season for me. Food is everywhere and it’s so tempting. I just have to make a conscious decision of what means more to me, delicious unhealthy treats or reaching my goals. Sometimes it will be the treats, most of time it will be my goals. 

Happy holidays everyone!!


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