VACATIONIt’s spring break time for my family and we are visiting friends near Myrtle Beach. Vacation is always tricky for me, it’s a time to rest and relax, to eat local food that I don’t have the option of eating at home and to spend good quality time with my family and friends. I love vacations.
But it’s also a struggle for me, I want to stay on my healthy eating plan and my workout plan and not gain weight. But that’s pretty much impossible. Eating foods I dont have the option to eat at home is fun, adventurous and exciting to me. But my body reacts to it and I gain weight. So it’s a balance, I accept that I am going to gain a few pounds and I indulge. The weight tends to come off at home quickly when I am back to my normal environment and I have to remember that. I tend to make the healthiest choices I can and remember that it’s ok to eat different foods and it’s ok to gain some weight. 
So I’ll do the best I can and I won’t beat myself up (or at least I’ll try not too). I am going to enjoy my time away and just be conscious of my decision. And have a drink or two 😉.


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