Hormones Are Crazy

I stopped taking the birth control pill a little over two weeks ago and my life is so so much different.  My head is clear, I am happy again and my weight is coming down. My work out level is the same, my diet is the same, so the only thing that’s changed is the fact I stopped putting these extra hormones in my body. Hormones run our whole bodies, if you are a woman those hormones fluctuate much more. So, what’s the lesson??  The lesson, at least for me, is not to take a pill full of hormones. I have learned not to do anything that will mess with the balance of my hormones. It just means my body will be a mess and so will my mind. It’s just not worth it.  The problem with this, at least for me, is that I have PCOS. So my hormones are naturally a mess. The pill is used to regulate hormones and that is the “usual” course of action for a woman with my syndrome. So what I am supposed to do??  If I don’t regulate them I am at a higher risk of a few different types of cancers and other horrible things. So I have to regulate them, but how??  Supplements, that’s how. I have read a book on how to naturally control my hormones and the author (a Dr. Who specializes in PCOS) recommends over a dozen different supplements for hormone regulation. So, I am slowly starting to take them. I am going to introduce a few at time and see how my body reacts. I now take about 6 daily and things are going well. I have a few more to add in, but am optimistic  that things will continue to ge well. 


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